Jesse Murch


A Cemetery in New Orleans

Theres something so surreal about being in a city like New Orleans, everything about this french influenced city you felt in your core. On the second day in the city, Halloween, we found ourselves wandering around one of the cemeteries. Ive wanted to see these in person for the longest time, there uniqueness out of necessity has been so intriguing. For those that dont know the coffins and bodies in the city due to the high water table need to be buried above ground, and by doing soon city blocks have been taken up with the grids of old tombs. As you wonder through the grey corridors over cracked slabs of stone there age quickly becomes apparent. Holes, gaps, crumbling rock are no stranger here, the tiny green lizards make any opening an escape route or home. Some gaps big enough to see the coffin tucked in seeing light once again. All of it was macabre but also inspiring. Death has truly been embraced and beautified in the big easy. Most of the photos below were taken on my Kiev 88 using ektar 100 and tri-x