Jesse Murch


Recent Travels - Widow Jane Mine

The winter in the north east has been favorably mild this year, temperatures havent reached below freezing for more then a few days and aside from one major snow storm the lands have stayed clean. Taking advantage of this we decided to head up north to New York state and see what we could find. Off of a mutual friends suggestion we headed to an abandoned mine up in the mountains by the name of Widow Jane. The now defunct mine was once one of the largest and most profitable in the north east, since it has become a tourist excursion for paid tours, and most recently been abandoned. After climbing over the steep cliff we ascended onto the cave entrance, upon entering the bright yellow stone pillars were first to draw your eyes. They were massive and scattered throughout supporting the mountain above, down in the back of one of the caverns train tracks led into an emerald green pond, the air and water still and cold. The way the entrance of the mine was created allows rays of sunlight during golden hour to saturate the cavern walls and light the front chamber in the most magical way. Widow Jane is definitely one of our favorite spots to date and we will be going back. 

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