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Recent Travels - Old Factory

It was a cold day in January the day we decided to head to PA and explore around. We originally had plans to check out an abandoned school but found upon arrival that it had been locked back up tightly, as these things too once to many people go and destroy things, never being ones to force our way in or break something we decided to head off to a spot one of the people we were with knew about down the road, an old warehouse. We arrived and easily made it inside the massive cement structure, the walls were lined with floor to ceiling windows casting gorgeous light throughout the pillars. The floors all covered with a mirror layer of water due to the recent rain and snow storms. I positioned myself centered between two rows of pillars and put the horizon line dead center in the frame in order to create a perfect mirror in the image. We spent the day exploring the rest of the facility, climbing roof tops, and crawling through dark hallways. Sometimes when things don't end up as originally planned but end up all the better. Take what life throws your way and create something out of it anyway. Until the next time.

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