Jesse Murch


Recent Travels - Dover Stone Church

The dover stone church, is an incredible natural formation in upstate New York, about an hour from the north jersey border. Ive seen photos of it passed around online and on social media and was always intrigued with the place, after all who wouldn't be interested in seeing a water fall inside a cave? So we packed up some snacks, and camera gear and pilled in the car and headed up north. The drive was a little over an hour on back winding roads and highways that swirled between towering mountains, it was pleasant and the time passed quickly. Upon arriving the entrance to the trail didn't allow parking so we found an empty school and left the car there and proceeded to the trail head. The first part of the trail leads through an open field lined with young trees on either side and was rather pleasing sight in the early morning fog on the slightly overcast day. Upon crossing the field we navigated through a forested trail that bent and turned and eventually came to a small foot bridge to cross a delicate stream. After this part we followed the stream about a half mile before reaching the entrance. A large cliff face looked back at us, the cliff face had a narrow crack that grew wider as it reached the stream, this was were we hopped stones and climbed into the opening. Once inside although dimly lit it was the most beautiful of sights. The waterfall crashing down the back wall as the ceiling of the cave stretched high above our heads, a low lying fog creeped along the gentle current. I had a flare in my pack as i usually do when adventuring, part of it is because they do come in handy but mostly i have it because i not so secretly want to be Indiana Jones. I was glad i did because i soon as it was lit the cave shined brilliantly and came to life more then i could have imagined, the above photo is of fellow traveler Catie holding the flare and taking in the surroundings. enjoy. 

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